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About Legends

Legends is a premier golf destination community highly prominent in the entire Southeast. It features 5 golf courses three of which are highly acclaimed. The real estate landscape of Legends also provides an ideal residential area for those wanting to live in Myrtle Beach. Strategically located just outside of the hustle and bustle of Myrtle Beach city limits, Legends is located just a few minutes away from the many beaches that make up the Grand Stand.

Aside from the warm beaches, residents can also enjoy driving through the private and peaceful community featuring single family residential homes as well as some of the most popular condos in the area. There are biking and walking trails available for those looking for an active lifestyle. In addition to the golf courses, Legends features a range of top notch facilities including oceanfront resorts, Old World Pub, Scottish Clubhouse, 30-acre lighted golf practice facility, tennis courts, pool, hot tubs, restaurants and a lot more. The entire Legends community sits inside a gated area so security is not an issue.

Amidst the communities near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the Legends is considered to be one of the best golf course communities around. With more than 1300 acres of land area, it offers a great golfing lifestyle around complete with award winning features. Enjoy the high quality facilities while basking in both comfort and privacy. Legends homes ad condos can be reached through Highway 501 just along Highway 31 and Caroline Forest. Outside the community, fine dining restaurants, top notch schools and good shopping facilities are accessible.

Scottish Village: Turnberry Park

Located conveniently inside the Legends community, Turnberry Park is a Scottish style village that features elegant and expansive golf villas. The villas are all equipped to provide that home-like feel. These accommodations are mostly used as second homes and provide sufficient source of rental income.

Turnberry Park villas are built with large living rooms, two or three bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, two full baths and other features that make everyone’s stay a unique and comfortable one. More importantly, individuals can choose to stay for just a short while or for a long time in this Scottish style village.

Gleneagles Condos

People can pick from a range of condos and townhouses. Residential units come from 1300 to 2000 square feet. The units are luxurious enough to become a primary residence. They may also be used as second homes or simply as rental investments. You wouldn’t have to worry about leaving your units behind because there’s an on-site rental company that can help you manage such. 

Sago Plantation

Sago Plantation is located in the striking woodlands of Myrtle Beach and is set to become one of the most prominent and highly desired neighborhoods in the area. Sago Plantation offers a top notch coastal lifestyle that has easy access to all a person needs. From educational & medical facilities, shopping, golf, cultural venues, and world class beaches, the community is coastal lifestyle and recreation at its best. A community has never been this convenient. Before choosing any type of residential unit, it might be a good idea to check out Sago Plantation. You’ll get a chance to see a private community that provides all the necessities and luxuries you can expect.

Because of its extraordinary setting in one of the most striking woodland locations in the Coastal Carolina, Sago Plantation will be nothing like you’ve ever seen. There are many units available and it is predicted that because of its convenience and offerings, Sago Plantation will be highly coveted in no time.